Who is Burna Boy?


Burna Boy real name is Damini Ogulu

He was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria July 2 1991
His father Samuel Ogulu managed a welding company

and his mother Bose Ogulu worked as a translator.

Burno Boy parent

His grandfather Benson Idonije who was the first Fela Anikulapo Kuti Band Manager,

Burna Boy grew up in southern Nigeria

He attended Montessori Primary School at Port Harcourt

Later enrolled at Corona Secondary School Agbara after moving with his family to Lagos State

After completing his secondary School,he travelled to London

For his University education but dropped out in his second year
Due to having issue with the law

And returned to Nigeria
to focus more on his Music career
But he face some challenges with

his style of Music as he was not really accepted by Nigeria music lovers

He didn’t let that be an obstacle from achieving his Goal

He later successfully create a style that was accepted globally
By drawing inspiration from the

Afro music Lord Fela and other Afro Musician and alo adding some touch from from notable reggae Musicians

The success of his new style was record when he collaborate LeriQ in his single Titled “Like to Party


The track make him more famous in Music industry and also won Best Pop award in 2013

Congratulation to Burna Boy for not giving up on his dream


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