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YOUTH GUIDE TO SUCCESS.24/09/2022. TOPIC. OVERCOMING LIFE CHALLENGES DESPITE UNPLEASANT RECORD OF THE PAST. Records has great effect in a man's life, either pleasant record as good to the man's psychology, or bad record which is bad to the man. But one thing is certain in all these,and worthy of celebration, the GRACE of GOD, what God by his Macy has done to mankind through grace, which is the forbearance of God that granted us pardon cannot be over emphasis. The grace of God cancels bad omen, the grace of God is the end point of every problem,the grace of God is the eternal and ultimate solution to all man's challenges in life. So therefore, when any challenges facing man, when any bad omen rising with the growth process of a man and meet the riches of God's grace,it meets it end point, the grace erases the bad omen of every man and start producing good omen,just like the bible says in .colo 2vers 14, blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was written against us-;with this any bad omen of failure,disappointment,lineage curse,affecting your life, all you need today is to come under the canopy of God and your life will meet it's long term desiring solution. Bad record can weigh any down and its effect can damage a whole lot, but by applying the grace of God,whatever lingering challenges facing your life has meet it's end point,and your fortune will change for good IJN. Sin is the cause of any bad record,but the grace of God is the only solution to banish it. read Joshua chapter 7,vers 1 to end,see the effect of sin and why we need the grace of God as youths. God bless you, you can share to many groups to reach the youths.