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Youth guide to success

YOUTH GUIDE TO SUCCESS. Topic. MACY FROM THE MACY SIT. By God's Grace today being 17/09/2022. We have launch our canter attacking program for the youths. Through the foundation of Mr. EBENEZER C IBE. known as USEFULNESS IN YOUTHFUL AGE GLOBAL OUTREACH. God is the only throne that is established forever, other throne, sit can be taken away or be replaced by another, presidential sit, governors even kings which might be the longest sit occupy by any hence there is life, can surely be replaced, but God is the only throne that is established forever and from the sit, Macy can come for every man. Gods throne is forever and just like man come and go, things come and go but God who is forever is the only one who can help us even at this age. as the Bible says if my people which are called by my name can humble them self's and seek my face, I will here from heaven hear their cry heal their land, the Macy of God is what we need at this stage of our lives, what height and length of any journey one had or will have with God start from macy,  Macy is the foundation of any work with God, because before Macy Bible says what the gentle nation sacrifice they sacrifice unto idol and not unto God, and after Macy by grace the Bible says come unto me all ye that labor and of  heavy laden I will give you rest. And Bible also said as many that shall come to me I shall in no wise cast away. Today the door of Macy is open to every youth who would realise that is by first being accepted by God.