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10 Amazing facts about Mr Funny(Sabinus) you didn't know

1.  Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny)Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny) does not need to shoot skits with half-naked women to get his audience, unlike other comedians that disrespect and sexualize the female gender by  exposing their bodies or being seductive to make people laugh;

2. Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny) Sabinus (Mr. Funny) does not need to use X-rated words like "Penis, Vagina, Fuck, and Sex" to make you laugh. He usually keeps it decent.

3. Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny) Sabinus (Mr. Funny) does not need to promote social vices like cultism, fornication & any criminal tendencies to make us laugh;

4. Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny) doesn't need to denigrate and insult elders and leaders to make everyone laugh.

5. Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny) does not need to blackmail or say blasphemous things about religious norms, the Bible, the Quoran, or traditional institutions to make you and me laugh.

6. Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny) does not need to talk down on his people, on Nigerians, on Africans or Blacks, or anyone to make anyone laugh.

7. Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny) does not even need to make a skit of 3 minutes and more to make the world laugh. 

8. Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny) tries to carry his way-back friends along. They co-create content and it's always amazing.

9. Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny) keeps his content original and you will have that feeling of new content each time.

10. Comedian Sabinus (Mr. Funny) doesn't flaunt wealth or throw material acquisitions in the faces of his fans. 

Commentary: There's a sharp difference between being funny and destroying moral codes, killing societal norms, and desecrating sacred things & places.