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What A Professional Curricular Vitae(CV) Should Look Like

Deal with your CV today...

Stop wasting  work experience 

It's  not until you work for  GTB, Access Bank  or FMCG company  before you can have  work experience. 

Helping  your mummy  to sell at her shop is an experience,  you can simply use it as Sales Personnel or sales manager .  Helping  your uncle to run  his business  is an experience,  your personal  business   is an experience too.  

Stop submitting  empty CV  saying  you don't have work experience,  you have, let professional  writer manage it for you, a professional  CV writer  will manage  the role for you.

Experience  is not limited  to paid  jobs,  Volunteer  jobs and intern are experience too.

Don't documents  your personal  business  role  as  "CEO",   CEO don't look for job, put  "team lead" and add necessary  roles under it.

Your CV shouldn't  be more than a page,  or two pages is the  maximum.

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