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The All-Front Female Military Regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey Benin Africa

The Dahomey Amazons were a all-front female military regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey Benin Africa. They were know for their fearless attributes, amazing sword and spear skills. Wakanda got their inspiration from these fearless women. Fearlessly beautiful.

According to Culture Trip Life as a Dahomey Amazon warrior was focused. They trained intensely, often in hand-to-hand combat amongst themselves. Discipline was very much emphasized as they learnt survival skills.

The Dahomey Amazons were not allowed to have children or partake in any form of family life, as they were formally married to the King. As he didn’t have sexual relations with them, as a result, they remained celibate, although very few were given off in marriage to respected dignitaries of the kingdom.

Credit: African Ancestry

?: The Black Kings & Queens Project