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See the Mysterious Investor who paid ₦50N to the Central Bank of Nigeria to Acquire Polaris Bank

This is the mysterious investor who paid 50 billion naira upfront to the Central Bank of Nigeria to acquire the distressed Polaris bank with the agreement in place for him to pay back the 1.3 trillion owned by the bank to CBN and AMCON in the next 25 years.

His name is Lawan Auwal Abdullahi.

He is a farmer, an exporter who exports some of his farming products abroad, a trader, and a businessman that plays in both the real estate and the oil and gas sector.

Although Gombe-born Lawan has been in business for over two decades, he came into national prominence when he married the last daughter of former Nigerian president Ibrahim Babaginda in a talk-of-the-town wedding.

Recall the talk of the town's wedding of Halima, the second daughter, and last child of former military dictator, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (rtd), in May 2017, which reportedly recorded about 30 private jets in attendance—that was Lawan's wedding.

Before the wedding, little was known about Lawan, aside from that he was the Sarkin Sudan of Gombe. The wedding, which was held in two states, Niger and Gombe, with nine ceremonies organized in four consecutive days, reportedly cost about N300 million, according to the societal lifestyle journal, Encomium.

It was gathered that Lawan paid N500,000 and provided 10 cows as dowry to marry Halima, who is the child of the late Maryam Babangida.

The new Polaris bank owner is a serial polygamist who has 3 wives and is a devoted family man that loves his wives and his kids equally.

-Chukwudi Iwuchukwu