3 Masquerade Chases An "AGBERO Man" at Lagos

3 Masquerade Chases An "AGBERO Man" at Lagos

By, sowemimo Oluwatosin Daniel

Posted few hours ago

Yoruba addict say's "Whatsoever you sow , you shall reap"

A man whose name was Adeosun Idris popularly known as KAMAL  was seriously chased by a masquerade. After on Wednesday, man who disturbs all, claims to be chased.

Every last 7 months claims to be an Masquerade Festivals. Festival were all families of E' GUN DE comes out to show the culture of their ancestors.

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Mr KAMAL who behaves anyhow started an argument claims the festival is rubbish and is a sign of senseless attitude across the town.

Reporter told us that, it was not the first time he had been saying that. That is, it is an over and over occurrence.

Just as at Thursday Mr Kamal was chased along the town by a Masquerade shouting E GBA MI OO translated as "Please help me"

After severe running by Mr Kamal , he was tired and couldn't run any longer, he was flogged to the extent that he looks tattered.

Beaten which as start claiming is life was hackjack by the citizens along the town.

Save him , save him citizens shouted.


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