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» 'My 17-Year-Old Daughter Got Pregnant & I Disowned Her. Now This Is Happening' «

My 17 years old brought shame to me last year she got pregnant, I have disowned her and sent her packing. She is staying with her boyfriend in his family home.

She gave birth 5 months ago she has been sick ever since she had the baby and the boyfriend doesn't have any money to take care of her. Plus the living condition is not suitable for her in her condition.

I have forgiven her and I want to take her back home so I can take her to the hospital for treatment but I don't want her to come with her baby. Please note there is only me and my 7 years old son at home. I work and my son goes to school till 5pm.

I don't have time to babysit the baby.
I want the father to take care of his child while I take care of mine.
I hope my decision is not bad?