Cardi B- view on Naija and Ghana beef


American rapppr Cardi B who visited the two most popular west Africa

countries,Nigeria and Ghana

Has shared her view on relationship between Naija and Ghana beef


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She talked about fun she had in both countries on her social media

And also share her view about the tension between the two countries

She believes is not that serious as the whole world take it.

As we all know Ghana and Nigeria have been at war on different social media over many things like politics, entertainment and hilariously food ( especially jollof rice)

But the grammy award winner compare the beef between the two countries to Dominican republic and Puerto Rico.

“I didn’t know that the beef between Ghana and Nigeria is fake.They are just like Dominican republic and Puerto Rico- They love each other but they fake beef with each other,

Also share on her Instagram page 

“But I like both countries,I wished

I had more time to spend

In both countries. I had fun everything”

Watch video below


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